December 29, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 3
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Show Notes

Suzi McAlpine from Nelson, New Zealand is the  Author of Beyond Burnout  & award winning blog The Leader's Digest. Suzi’s book shows  how to recognize the signs of burnout, how to address it when it’s present and perhaps most importantly, how we can reduce it in our workplaces.
linkedin.com/in/suzimcalpine  https://suzimcalpine.com/beyond-burnout/

Today I will go over 3 of the  6 causes of burnout in part one. In part 2 in a later episode, I will cover the the final 3 & also the 3 red flags of burnout.

It is vital in our lives to stay focused on our purpose & take care to have work life balance. All work & no play will create physical, emotional, & relationship problems. Being able to turn off our work or life passion when work time is over is a vital key.

Let’s look briefly at 3 CASUES of burnout from  Suzi McAlpine’s book BEYOND BURNOUT.
1. Overwork:     Are you taking on too much responsibility?  You know what you are capable of & what your strengths are. It is important to learn to say no at the appropriate time. 
2.Lack of Control:   When you have no choice & you can’t control your environment you will head towards burnout. It doesn’t happen right away. But like a small snowball heading down a ski slope building momentum to become a huge snowball. You must be aware of what is going on in your life.
3.Isolation:  When you isolate & have no human contact & no feedback your energy level will go down. I am an extrovert & feed off the energy & inspiration of others. I have no context for how an introvert operates. Apparently they are ok with reduced human contact.

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