November 23, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 1 Episode 23
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Show Notes

 Only when you know the importance of your project & what you want to accomplish will money not become an obstacle. Recently I wrote a pricing affirmation after careful thought. It is “I am well worth my recording fee. I am excellent, creative, & talented at voice-over. I deserve more money!

There are 2 types of budgets that I am aware of fixed & open. The fixed budget is set in what the client is willing to pay. In the open budget the potential client will forward their finalized script for my personalized quote & I will include with a FREE brief segment of the script.

What do they want to accomplish for their company with the project. What value will their company receive with my deep voice quality & attention to all the details that are clearly expressed. What will they achieve when they go with a less expensive voice-over artist & what will it cost them in lost revenue? Fiver has undercut the voice-over industry when it comes to rates & businesses think they are getting a great lower cheap rate. You get what you pay for! Going for quality voice production will produce quality business results.

It is all about the client receiving full value for their campaign & moving their business forward. There is so much more to pricing than receiving the money. The satisfaction of creating more success, money & clients for my wonderful valued clients. 

I know it is vitally important when discussing with them how important their campaign is. To  allow them to voice what they want & they sell themselves on the value they will receive by contracting my voice services. Answering their questions without being super selling is key. Asking the right questions at the right time. Like what do you want this campaign to do for your business? How passionate are you about your clients in helping them achieve better results? Business is very competitive & giving my clients a distinctive edge brings my personal satisfaction to a higher level.

In future episodes I will look into giving more details on pricing. Providing you have questions, I will  look into those pricing questions for you. Please send your feedback to dukeearl@shaw.ca & in the subject line VOICE POWER Voice-Over Value & Pricing.

My offer to you today,  25%  off my regular recording fee all you need to do is send an email to dukeearl@shaw.ca & in the subject line VOICE POWER. Include all your voice production details: finalized script, voice style- narration, high energy, middle or lower energy, any pauses, word emphasis, & production due date.
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