August 26, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 1 Episode 13
VOICE POWER + with Earl Thomas "The VOICE"
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Show Notes

Whether you are a business owner or not I will make this applicable for you. When you have a passion project or any personal project you are responsible for that you need to write a script for you will be able to convert the scripting principles to your personal needs.

It is exciting when a client sends their script for their voice project. It is vital to confirm that it is the finalized script as making changes to a script is more costly & time consuming. I would rather wait & be 100% certain that the script is finalized. Always be clear on costs when a client changes the script after it’s been finalized. Here is my Revision Policy from when I was subscribed to Voices.com 2 free revisions for mispronunciations, for pacing/tone & general feedback. For script changes $40 per sentence to a maximum of $85.

Each word is important & pronunciations are vital.  I never take anything for granted if there is a chance that the pronunciation is uncertain. I will proof it by going into Youtube or Google for the correct pronunciations.  I will use a syllable method of pronouncing the word. Take for example Similkameen Region I will put right in the script Sim-il-ki-mean, Similkameen Region.

Vital elements to The Art Of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts from E-learning Coach Connie Malamed: Connie states:  (Many thanks to Connie for permission to adapt her excellent material.)

  1. Write like you speak
  2.  Get to the point quickly
  3. Learn from radio commercials
  4. Speak with one voice
  5. Keep sentences short but varied
  6. Pay attention to rhythm or beat
  7. Read all voice over scripts aloud
    Connie Malamed's Contact info: https://linkedin.com/in/conniemalamed
    https://masteringid.com (Company Website)
    https://theelearningcoach.com  (Blog)
    https://conniemalamed.com  (Company Website)

My offer to you today,  25%  off my regular recording fee all you need to do is send an email to dukeearl@shaw.ca & in the subject line VOICE POWER. Include all your voice production details: finalized script, voice style-narration, high energy, middle or lower   energy, any pauses, word emphasis, & production due date.  In the personalized quote I will include FREE a very brief segment of the script voiced. Then you will hear that I am the right fit for your voice project.  Once your project is completed  to your 100% satisfaction I will do a FREE Linkedin post to help you gain greater public exposure. My connections on Linkedin are now at 920.

Thank you for joining VOICE POWER today & I am always glad to be with you. Please send your questions & comments to  dukeearl@shaw.ca & I will design future episodes based on your thoughts, comments, or questions. Have yourself a wonderful day & share your smile, you never know how much your smile & kindness will make a difference in someone else’s life.

Best regards,
Earl Thomas "The VOICE"

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