January 31, 2024 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 4 Episode 4
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Show Notes

We are in for an extra ordinary ... bestselling travel author, photographer, and narrator. Author Melanie Eng ...over 50 countries under her belt, she’s a seasoned traveler who’s always up for a trip. Her experiences have taken her to the most exotic and breathtaking places on earth, and she’s got the stories to prove it! From wild and wacky travel treks to heartwarming and inspiring tales, she’s got something for everyone.

Pam Grout author of 17 New York times BEST SELLERS fully backs Melanies book GUTSY LADY TRAVEL  saying “ Guaranteed to take readers on a joy ride of bravery, meaning & big fun.

She is a speaker who can entertain, educate, and inspire  as an adventurer extraordinaire!  Her vocal range is top notch as I experienced her TOASTMASTER SPEECH on Goldilocks & the 3 bears . I could swear for sure there were 4 speakers on stage. Then i was hungry for some  A&W as the 3 bears burgers are on the menu.

Melanie is an Accomplished Business Owner & Executive Assistant with over 20 years of demonstrated history in a variety of roles supporting C-level Executives, People Management, Business Operations and Customer Development. She is an Intelligent professional with practical development experience working with public, private, and government organizations.

She more than adequately prepared herself for her business travel experience  with a   Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Victoria.

Melanie  owned - Gutsy Lady Travel  for  5 yrs in Vancouver B.C. Her areas of expertise are Marketing  through PowerPoint presentations, and networking at community events that increased public awareness by 100%. Melanie’s very obvious skills are:
• Customizing her website and analyzing client trends delivering great service.
• Managing brand performance with campaigns, business development, client relationships, and consultation within the travel industry.
• being a personal brand ambassador building relationships with customers, suppliers and her growing professional network.
It is with great pleasure & anticipation i welcome Melanie Eng to VOICE POWER.

To purchase Melanie's book GUTSY LADY TRAVEL

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Earl Thomas "The VOICE"

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