November 28, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 26
VOICE POWER + with Earl Thomas "The VOICE"
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Show Notes

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think & GROW RICH” devotes a full chapter to the POWER of the MASTERMIND. He calls it the driving force the 9th step toward riches.

Chapter 10  goes into depth,  that ... By being accountable ...move towards success. Chapter 10 power of the MASTERMIND the method by which individuals may attain & apply power.  Our knowledge will be acquired & converted into power by being organized. Then we create definite plans & express them by taking action.

Napoleon defines the MASTERMIND as :  Coordination of knowledge & effort, in an harmonious spirit b...He asserts that forming a cooperative alliance is the basis of nearly every .... When we are alone in business as a ... alliances & entering into deep business discussions for success is more possible than going it alone. 

 I was part of a beta testing group to checkout MOMENTUM & provide feedback to The experienced & quality business coach Marshall ... Connect & Collaborate meets 1st and 3rd Mondays of the Month 11 AM to noon. Contact Marshall Stern for more info at marshalldavidstern@gmail.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/marshallstern/

I discovered 16 positives which included: very reasonable pricing, since reading Napoleon’s book the desire to be in a MASTERMIND, ...including a private face book group, ...Turns out I realized it was a perfect fit & signed up for 6 months of MOMENTUM which because of the accountability factors is a MASTERMIND.

In chapter 10 of THINK & GROW RICH. Napoleon points out a group of brains connected in a harmonious.....Going with my business flow I will determine my accountability that i share in the MOMENTUM Facebook group.

My Offer to you,  25%  off my regular recording fee. Include all your voice production details: finalized script, voice style- narration, high energy, middle or lower energy,     any pauses, word emphasis, & production due date.  In the personalized quote I will include FREE a very brief segment of the script voiced. Then you will hear that I am the right fit for your voice project.  Once your project is completed to your 100% satisfaction I will include  FREE a Linkedin post to help you gain greater public awareness. My connections on Linkedin are now at 1,000+ & 1,150+ Followers.

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