PODCASTING WOW!!! How it is changing! 9 trends

November 21, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 25
PODCASTING WOW!!! How it is changing! 9 trends
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PODCASTING WOW!!! How it is changing! 9 trends



My source for 9 Podcast Trends to Follow (2023-2025). Josh Howarth ...
Podcasting listening is rapidly growing. Currently there are ...
1. Podcast Advertising is Picking Up Momentum. This year Podcast ad revenue is expected to ... When Nielsen surveyed  they found out of 7,000 US consumers,... I will be checking in 2024 for sponsorship...
2. Increased Competition Between Podcast Apps.    Apple Podcasts was the top podcasting app, claiming 28.5 million monthly  But Spotify has taken its crown ...
3. Podcast Ads Are Getting Easier To Produce And Place
       The growth in podcast ads is largely driven by increased podcast consumption worldwide. Podcast advertising is also on the rise due to ....
4. Podcasters Find New Ways To Monetize   
Buzzsprout my service provider designed subscriptions for listeners to support VOICE POWER. My episode with THE accent coach David Alan Stern was ....On all my episodes there is a link at the bottom of the show notes.....
5.   Live Podcasting Continues To Grow
The podcasting community has seen an increase in hosts that want to do live recordings.
6    Podcasters Tap Into New Growth Strategies
The level of competition  is ... . This is why podcasters are increasingly on the lookout for new ways ...Cross-promotion is one new strategy that more podcasters are tapping into.
I interviewed the HR Specialist ....
7. Podcast Listeners Crave Learning
Research shows that podcast audiences are young, educated, and affluent...
The largest and fastest growing age group of listeners is between 12-34 years old.
8. Listeners Use Podcast Content In New Ways
Research by Reuters found that people generally listen to podcasts for entertainment and ....
However, we're seeing audio .....
For example, listeners are increasingly turning to podcasts to help boost their mood. Deezer study ...listen to podcasts to improve their mood.  The other night I listened to my own podcast interview with Shelia Sutherland,...
9. Creators Tap Into Professional Podcasting Tools
Searches for “podcast microphone” have increased by 96% over the last 5 years.

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