VITAL VOICE WARM-UPS - Part 3 Sound Quality

August 14, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 18
VITAL VOICE WARM-UPS - Part 3 Sound Quality
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Show Notes

WHY, WHEN, & HOW. The vocal warm up helps to loosen the cords & effectively gets ready for.... project. Going through my range & waking up the different parts of my voice. Warming up also minimizes my mistakes.

When? In the morning. 
I have found these warm ups helpful: panting exercise, high & then low with my voice, standing in front of the mirror stretching my tongue to the left then the right. Then loosening my body up by jumping up and down with lots of energy & finishing with The P exercise, peter piper picked a  peck of pickled peppers 10 times & getting faster each time. Annunciating clearly on each P.

7 warm up exercises to include in your routine. I will often refer to resonance. It is defined as: the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating."the resonance of his voice"
1.Lip Rolls/Lip Trills  For the Lip roll keep your mouth closed & make a B sound while keeping a constant flow of air. It will cause your lips to quickly vibrate creating the roll or trill sound.Begin by doing the exercise on a single straight pitch in your speaking range & when comfortable move through your vocal range starting from very high down to very low & your voice will warm up.
2Tongue  Trills Similar to the LIP Rolls but the vibration is caused in your tongue instead of your lips. Being with your mouth in a neutral position, slightly open & make a D or G Keep a constant breath flow & feel the tongue tip vibrating against the roof of your mouth.
3“M” Sound is a good way to activate resonance in the front of the mouth & face. Make an M sound with your mouth closed & use constant breath flow. To keep the sound full  & consistent without  drastic changes in volume & intensity.  Hold the sound for a few seconds on a single pitch.
4“N” Sound Keep upper mouth closed & in neutral position, make a “N” sound & . You likely will feel your tongue  touching the roof of your mouth.
5“L” Sound activates some resonance a little further back in your head & throat ...you will feel vibration in the head & throat. Allow your tongue to gently press against the back of your top teeth & slightly open your mouth.
6“Z” Sound ...activating resonance in the front of the mouth & face. Using a more open sound than the previous exercises.  Close your teeth but do not clench them & slightly open your mouth
7“NG” Sound  is a great way to activate your nasal resonance. You will feel vibration in your nose & sinus areas.  Focus on the NG sound & you can use a variety of different vowel sounds in front of the NG.
Vocal warm ups are an excellent way to activate the various voice registers, resonances, & tones, of your voice & create flexibility & comfort. Will warm up different areas of your vocal sound creating greater overall flexibility & producing better voice performance.

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