SLEEP!!! Where did you GO???

February 07, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 5
SLEEP!!! Where did you GO???
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Show Notes

Do you have sleep concerns or know anyone who struggles with their life because of poor sleep? In the future i will follow up this episode with The Sleep expert Miri Malkin. Miri Helps entrepreneurs and business owners improve their SLEEP so they can OPTIMIZE their work and life PERFORMANCE.

My sleep is usually very good evidenced by detailed interesting...Going back quite a few years I volunteered for a sleep project. On cable TV viewing a promotion  The sleep project at Shaugnessey Hospital in Vancouver BC.

There was lots of sleep education,  including: sleep patterns, inner sleep clock, stress affecting sleep, relaxation tape, & my questions & progress. Once my initial interview was completed my task was to complete a survey on my sleep quality.   It was important to not take any short cat naps during the day. Instead if i got sleepy during the day i would  go out for a good brisk walk. 

Going to bed & getting up at the same times was vital to setting the inner sleep clock. When i haven’t fallen asleep very quickly I was directed  to get up & do something relaxing. Like read a book or watch TV.  I  always know when i have a lousy night that the next will be a good sleep.

Dr Fleming  carefully analyzed  my surveys on sleep. Then he booked my  overnight stay at Shaugnessey hospital for a nocturnal polysomnogram.  The results were I did not have any major sleep problems. The end result was that stress will always throw off the sleep. Handling stress is key. 

What is important is that i will not deal with financial matters just before going to...

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