September 22, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 21
Show Notes

 Sandy  Chernoff is a a soft skills consultant, solving people problems by providing the necessary tools and strategies to reduce conflict, increase productivity, and create happiness.

For almost 30 years she has trained non-profits, law firms, teaching institutions, professional organizations, conferences, individuals, and a wide variety of businesses. Her clients accomplish  through  workshop training, e-learning programs, & personal coaching sessions the following:
 a practical approach to core competencies via an interactive learning process which allows them to solve their issues & apply new strategies, with effective soft skills a person increases their success in all aspects of their life and greatly reduces their stress.

After  40 plus years as a Dental Hygienist  Sandy transitioned into soft skills training using her  education from the UNIVERSITY OF OREGON with a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Health Education, Science & Dental Hygiene.
Sandy passionately communicates her purpose of helping many communicate more effectively with confidence reducing their stress levels. It is with Great pleasure I welcome SANDY CHERNOFF TO VOICE POWER.
Contact for Sandy Chernoff:
bizcatalyst360.com     sandy@softskillsforsuccess.com
Twitter sandychernoff

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