September 13, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 20
VOICE POWER + with Earl Thomas "The VOICE"
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Show Notes

 When we know our purpose we know our why. My why is to communicate effectively by actively listening to those who are speaking in person. As we listen a communication flow begins.....

Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know your why? When you do you will be able to discern when someone else knows their why. There is always more information to find & knowledge to learn from others with more experience.

The keys to success is creating community by active listening & redefining ...

Communication relates to voice-overs in that businesses will gain greater exposure to as many as possible & increase their clients, money & success. When i do a voice-over it will be as successful as the client clearly communicates their purpose, passion, & details of their finalized script. The voice is diverse & ...

Interviewing is another opportunity where communication creates community & purpose. Season 1 episode15 The JOY & AWESOMENESS of INTERVIEWING is ...

I trust you will  benefit from our communication & conversation today on Communication Creates Community & Purpose. Please free to send your comments, thoughts, & ideas to dukeearl@shaw.ca.

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