Near Death to Abundant Life Part 2 with Linda Todd

August 09, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 17
Near Death to Abundant Life Part 2 with Linda Todd
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Show Notes

Welcome back to VOICE POWER Season 2 Episode 17 Part 2 of Linda Todd’s Incrediblestory of surviving death in The Gaza Strip.  You were left with Linda waking up & to her head to toe self exam. She discovered all she could do was whisper & experienced no body movement.  Linda was unable to tell the medical personnel that she was alive.

Linda’s story is a battle of staying alive as she was give a 5% chance of recovering. We will pick up her story from that point. What will happen next? What did Linda learn about the brain & hers' specifically that helped in her recovery? Will we find out why she  got so sick? Did attending Toastmaster meetings help in her recovery to regain her ability to speak? Did she fully recover? Linda’s book The Secret Life of WONDERWOMAN will be coming out in the future.

Thanks for tuning in to find out how Linda survived being close to death’s door & hearing her hopeful positive attitude through the whole death defying experience.

Books on the Brain that Linda stated in the interview:
The Brain’s Way of Healing; The Brain the Changes Itself (both by Dr Norman Doidge),
You are Not Your Brain by Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz and Dr Rebecca Gladding
MANY books  by Dr Caroline Leaf including Switch on Your Brain

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