Near Death to Abundant Life with Linda Todd

July 27, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 16
Near Death to Abundant Life with Linda Todd
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Show Notes

Linda Todd  is a DTM a Distinguished Toastmaster & chartered a club called Speakers Without Borders their motto is: Peace through Friendship, Friendship through Dialogue.  The inspiration for this club came  in 2010 while Linda was working in the Gaza Strip.

Linda's passion and pursuit of truth and justice for the marginalized peoples of our world has pushed her to explore cultures, beliefs, and world views. She has traveled to the Middle East 3 times to better understand how to make a positive contribution to the people in that area. Through all of it, God has taught her how to love, listen and look out for the needs of others.Linda also like myself has experienced stand up comedy. Her approach is refreshing, easy to listen to and easy to understand. It’s  refreshingly real.

The complete story of Linda's near death experience  is on her Linkedin:
Linda's website:  https://thesecretlifeofwonderwoman.com 
Books on the Brain that Linda stated in the interview:

  1. The Brain’s Way of Healing; The Brain the Changes Itself (both by Dr Norman Doidge), 
  2. You are Not Your Brain by Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz and Dr Rebecca Gladding
  3.  MANY books  by Dr Caroline Leaf including Switch on Your Brain

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