Public Speaking EXCELLENCE!!!

July 18, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 15
Public Speaking EXCELLENCE!!!
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Show Notes

Today here are helpful tips for public speaking presentations. These ideas come from a seminar previously presented a few years ago by Public Speaking Coach  Danielle Benzon.
 It is vital to look your audience squarely in the eye, eye contact is key to connecting with them & helps you relax. Of course you must have your content not memorized but internalized.  Better to know the concept & be able to express it in several ways. For instance ...There are many ways to say this & it is easier to remember when you are not stuck on specific wording but focused on the ideas & concepts. With repetively  practising  the speech the ideas land & your ability to recall grows & grows.

When your body is relaxed then you can reach a point where you know something vital. That is you know the why you are saying what you say. Knowing ...
Before you start your speech it is helpful to take a moment to breathe & get yourself centred. It will give your audience anticipation ...

Choosing a topic or idea that you have lots of heart for is key. Then your message will really resonate & grow with your key points. If you choose something that is not your passion the audience  will sense it & you will loose your connection with them.

This is all about being authentic because you are prepared, passionate, & poised. Pauses at the right time will add emphasis when you determine they are needed. Maybe the pause will come as you are recalling the idea you want to convey. But your audience doesn’t know that & you don’t want to indicate that you are trying to remember what to say.

Remember the audience hears 7% of your words, 38% of your voice, & 55% of your body language. Then you want to be very expressive & keep in mind to own the stage when you speak. I will include in the show notes Public Speaking Coach Danielle Benzon's contact info. Thank you Danielle for providing excellent content to add with my personal experience of public speaking with TOASTMASTERS & various other opportunities.

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