February 08, 2022 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 5
Show Notes

Welcome to VOICE POWER Season 2  episode 5. My very special guest today is a very experienced business man who has a variety of other wealthy experiences. My guests are very diverse from dancer/choregrapher, speech coach, podcast strategist, & radio personalities & many  many more.  Dan Bue is a very diversified experienced business man, counsellor, prison chaplin, & as we chat I am sure we will discover more of this very talented & compassionate person.

Since 1994 Dan Bue is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, specializing in marriage and family therapy, but also working with many individual needs. Besides maintaining a private practice, he has worked for 6 years as an elementary school counsellor, for 1.25 years as a prison chaplain in a maximum security prison, and has spent almost 20 years working with high needs teen-age foster children. Dan is also an ordained pastor and served in pastoral ministry for 5 years.

Dan’s business experience as an owner & leader of many successful companies originates way back to his early 20s. His vast experience will be helpful & interesting to those already involved as business owners. I have experienced Dan’s public speaking on a couple of occasions & he is very engaging with his personal stories especially those form his chaplincy work.  It is with great pleasure that I welcome Dan BUE to VOICE POWER.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/danbue/   danbue@gmail.com  VOICE POWER is the offer code.
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