December 21, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 2 Episode 2
Show Notes
20 year Radio Advertising specialist who helps local and national businesses increase their profitability by   reaching more of the marketplace & finding new customers. Mike Stanley’s
experience is far reaching in the radio industry & he knows how to use radio effectively.

His excellent character & integrity included his community involvement for MOVEMBER in raising funds  for fighting Prostrate Cancer. Mike was featured on Social Media AMPLIFY Friday by  Amplify Consulting. Mike raised funds for MOVEMBER when a dear friend of his passed away from Prostrate Cancer. He was happy to find  a fun way to raise money to battle Prostrate Cancer. Amplify Consulting is located in Kamloops BC & their mission is to clarify  the business message and then amplify business communications then businesses can better connect.   

The Okanagan business owners are truly blessed  by Mike’s expertise as he removes the confusion by all the media choices. He greatly benefited these clients: Andre's Electronic Experts, Sandler Training, Chances Gaming Entertainment, Sunshine Leisurescapes, Boyd Autobody Glass and more. He began his radio advertising career in Castlegar also reaching  Nelson, Trail and Grand Forks. At Castlegar for BOUNDARY KOOTNEAY RADIO he excelled behind the mic with his radio show,  weekday afternoons from 2 - 6 PM with a live request show from 3-4 PM.  Mike won in 2006, The Gold Crystal award for writing of the best ad campaign for Kelowna Self Storage. In 2016 he was rep of the year It was a team award. Demonstrating Mike’s dedication for strong team skills. I am  very happy to welcome Mike Stanley to VOICE POWER.

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