November 03, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 1 Episode 20
Show Notes

Welcome to VOICE POWER episode 20. Today I am very grateful to welcome my special guest from radio & tv &  from the BCIT BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS  course in radio & one of my  VOICE POWER listeners.

We graduated together from BCIT IN 2000 & her first position was  working full time at Corus Entertainment as a traffic reporter for CKNW/Rock101/AM 730. Her colleagues for many years were Frosty Forst, Philip Till and Jon McComb.  My special guest will share what she  learned from these radio personalities in her 5 year experience at Corus.

Amy Bell joined the morning and noon news on Global TV as the traffic/weather presenter in 2005. Amy's first child was born in 2006 & she returned  to Global as a writer and editor for Global news in 2006.

Her second child was born in 2010. In 2011, Amy joined CBC Radio’s Early Edition as the traffic & weather presenter.
I am sure you have heard her cheery voice early in the morning, as you receive direction for your commute as well as getting a clear picture of the weather for the day. While being with the CBC for the past 10 years she is The Early Edition’s Parenting Columnist. You will hear her interviews bi-weekly as well as read her written
articles on CBC’s website for the parenting column. For CBC TV occasionally Amy fills in for weather presentations.
Amy is a highly skilled & motivated communicator & I am especially happy to welcome AMY BELL to VOICE POWER.

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