Successful EXPRESSIVENESS in Voice-Overs

November 01, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 1 Episode 19
Successful EXPRESSIVENESS in Voice-Overs
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Welcome back to VOICE POWER
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In the voice-over industry there are many styles & the 4 styles of expression
I will cover today are:
Pitch Higher/lower
Elongate or shorten
Pause before or after a word for emphasis
Using these styles will lift the words of the page from an average boring read to a very significant outstanding read.
Let’s start with the louder softer. I will do a unexpressive read & then a louder softer & all of the 4 styles with this method. 
Now louder/softer:
The future. You used to chase it. Now you’re living in it.
The XYZ is an all-electric automobile that propels driving into a new era. With sleek(softer), aerodynamic design(louder), and ultrasonic sensors that prevent collisions, there’s no more getting left behind. Life’s short (louder). Drive fast(softer). 
Now for Pitch Higher/lower:
Congratulations!(High Pitch) You’ve won a 5 day getaway for 2 to anywhere you choose! Where(Low Pitch) do you think you’ll go?
Elongate or shorten:
Once upon a time, in a  magical(elongate) kingdom(Shorten)  surrounded by a vast valley, there lived a young squire who dreamed of becoming a knight. Every day, the squire carried out his daily duties, patiently awaiting the day he could prove(elongate) his worth(shorten) and pass into knighthood.
Now Pause before or after a word for emphasis:
“Which brings us here(Pause). At the start of Mac’s journey to uncovering a(Pause) 300-year-old truth.
In natural conversation you can employ these styles to emphasize your point. Won’t you as the listener remember the point the other person is attempting to make when they use one of these styles?  I would love to hear your feedback from conversations using  these 4 styles. You can always communicate your feedback at dukeearl@shaw.ca I love hearing from you & how VOICE POWER speaks to you.

My offer to you today,  25%  off my regular recording fee all you need to do is send an email to dukeearl@shaw.ca & in the subject line VOICE POWER. Include all your voice production details: finalized script, voice style- narration, high energy, middle or lower energy, any pauses, word emphasis, & production due date.  In the personalized quote I will include FREE a very brief segment of the script voiced. Then you will hear that I am the right fit for your voice project.  Once your project is completed  to your 100% satisfaction I will do a FREE Linkedin post to help you gain greater public exposure. My connections on Linkedin are now at 940.
Thanks for joining VOICE POWER this morning, afternoon or evening. Don’t (LOUDER)forget(softer) to subscribe &/or leave a review wherever you receive your podcasts. Thanks for tuning in & don’t forget someone may need your encouragement(elongate) & your smile. With all the masks that we must wear to keep safe & away from Co-Vid it is challenging(softer) so we can use our eyes & voice to smile & greet others in a(pause) friendly way. You never know how your life will be a blessing to someone else.
Best regards,
Earl Thomas "The VOICE"
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