The Joy of Networking.

May 12, 2021 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 1 Episode 3
The Joy of Networking.
Show Notes

Today I will share my experience of networking & connections when I have attended events in the past & virtually because of Co-Vid 19. These networking principles apply to basic interactions even for those not in business. I look forward to your responses at dukeearl@shaw.ca

Here are the links stated in the podcast:

  1. My Linkedin profile   https://www.linkedin.com/in/earlthomasthevoice/
  2. Manny's link to being guest on his Weekly Podcast - Targeted Lead Generation on May 4  https://lnkd.in/gaMeCDB
  3. Hartwell Therapy & Wellness Promo Video      https://youtu.be/A7gUkkED8ng
  4. WOW 1 Day Painting  https://youtu.be/ACiWKhls6tc 
  5. Clean-A-PEEL Infomercial  https://youtu.be/I-1fOcTpF5E
  6. Video Voicing for Alden Training Workshop Video for DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society  http://www.earlthomasthevoice.com/portfolio-item/diversecity-community-resources/
  7. Marshall Stern's Connect & Collaborate link on his group FBK Page.   Join The Business Inner Circle FB Group and see if it is for you. You will receive the link after joining.
  8. EIN/VBN VBN's webpage - https://www.meetup.com/the-vancouver-business-network/
  9. BCPVA  www.bcpva.com   BC Professional Videographers Assoc.
    From their  site you can see what they do, our members, joining us,  future meetings, videos, & register as guest…

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